Black Lynx Entertainment

Banjul, Gambia
Organizations, Networks & Associations (Culture development)


Black Lynx Entertainment
Cell: +2207070090



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Founded in 2007, Black Lynx Entertainment is a Gambian organization known for giving artists the platform to record and perform in the country. It has a sound system and a recording studio. The organization is host to the annually held Open Mic Festival. The event exposes hidden talents across various communities in The Gambia. It provides aspiring musicians the opportunity to build their careers and earn livelihoods by pursuing their passion for the art of music.

They are also behind the popular Fiila TV Show on Gambia National television (GRTS). They use both platforms to reach out to the local masses, scout for new talents and uplift the image of the already establish talents. They have branded themselves as the “Promoters of the people, for the people and by the people”.

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