Chinamanongo Tribal Ceremony

Chilubi Island, Zambia
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Chinamanongo Tribal Ceremony
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Chilubi Island

Chinamanongo Tribal Ceremony is a Zambian annual event held in October or November at Paramount Senor Chief Kopa's headquarters in the Village of Kopa, near Mpika. The climax of the ceremony is where the people all eat from one large pot with the chief. The chief gets some of the meat from the pot and then all the people eat. This is considered special because normally the chief does not eat with his subjects. The event is associated with traditional music, dancing and drumming.

The celebration of takes place each year at the Palace of Senior Chief Kopa the paramount chief of the Biza and its commemoration evokes the deep sacred value of unity which Biza fore-fathers expressed by this epoch and symbolic cooking of game meat “Mpelembe” in one big pot and the meat is shared amongst all, together with other special delicacies as a mark of oneness.

The traditional ancestral life of the Biza is awakened through this ceremony and the young are inspired to live their lives applying strict customary values in the community. “Ichisungu” a young maiden and the teaching of values by Matrons called “Bana Chimbela” is a high point in the growth of maternal and future marriage practice teachings.

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