Choral Music Federation of Lesotho

Maseru, Lesotho
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Choral Music Federation of Lesotho
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The Choral Music Federation of Lesotho is a registered umbrella for national choral music associations and choirs, aimed at promoting and coordinating choral music in Lesotho, through competitions, capacity development and cohesion, especially among the youth. The association was registered in 2006. The Choral Music Federation of Lesotho has 50 registered members from all the districts of Lesotho. Membership is voluntary, and comprises only of choral music choirs and some choral music associations across the country.

CMFL is an extension and re-organization of the initiative previously known as African Melody Festival (AMF), which was an ad hoc annual music festival organized by some choral choirs. The first AMF was held in 2003. The CMFL has assumed the role of an organizing and coordinating body for the African Melody Festival, thus became one of the biggest competitions and most prestigious choral competitions administered by the CMFL and in Lesotho.

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