Classic FM

Juba, South Sudan
Radio Stations (Commercial stations)


Classic FM
Tel: +211922000051
Cell: +211977666888


Media House, Jebel Rd,
South Sudan

Online presence

Classic Fm is a radio station for the whole family. Mum, dad and the kids can all listen. Plus it’s safe for little ears.
Classic Fm is committed to South Sudan families, with parenting and life tips on air hourly to help you get the best out of your family and your life.

Classic Fm is designed to pick you up, not put you down. We play hand picked music that matters so you’ll feel good every time you tune in.
Classic Fm is more than a radio station. We are the South Sudan’s hub for family friendly events. So tune in to find out what’s happening near you for your whole family.
Classic Fm plays only 2 promotion spots per break ensuring that each promotion stands out. Less clutter means interested listeners

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