Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA)

Zanzibar, Tanzania
Music Education (Academies)


Dhow Countries Music Academy
Tel: +255242234050
Cell: +255777416529


Mizingani Road
Stone Town, Zanzibar

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The Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) is situated on the waterfront in Stone Town, Zanzibar. As East Africa's premier music centre, it offers music education, music for employment and music for enjoyment. Regular music events are held, where you can relax, listen to music, and soak up the view over the Indian Ocean.

The Dhow Countries Music Academy aims to contribute to building a society that values traditional and contemporary music as a catalyst for development. It aims to become the leading internationally accredited centre for traditional music education in East and Central Africa. It has played a key role in strengthening the music industry of Zanzibar, by researching, training, promoting, preserving and developing the musical heritage of Zanzibar and the Dhow Countries locally, regionally and internationally.

As an institution of music education, it provides an opportunity for the inhabitants of Zanzibar and the Dhow Region to study music related to their cultural background, with a special emphasis on broadening the educational opportunities for young people, women and children and to thus preserve the rich musical heritage of Zanzibar. It has contributed to the professionalisation of the music sector through training, seminars, workshops, debates. The Academy promotes talented young people so that they can make a living from music by promoting musicians to local venues, regional promoters, international festivals, etc. It has also established a music library service for students pursuing their musical careers.

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