DJ Chappies SA

polokwane, South Africa
In operation since 2013
Artists (DJs)


Tebogo Jacob
Cell: 0725114635


33 bok street
Ga Maja, polokwane
South Africa

Online presence

Polokwane born star DJ Chappies SA who was born in 1994-08-24 and grew up at the village called Matobole. His origional names are Tebogo Jacob Seimela.
Dj Chappies SA started being intrested into music at his early age of 8 year. He started by singing and dancing gospel a choir with Peter Mashatola. He was the most youngest among the choir and was aloso a dance.

At his of 13 he started dancing pantsula dance and suddenly form a dance crew named Matobole dance crew. During that period of time he joined a church choir. At the age of 15 he startd being too much intrested into choir singer and persure choir and was choosen to be a choir conductor and song leader when he was 17 years. He was also a dj known as dj casanova, he grew in a family of loving music and sound although he was just playing around the village in small parties.

At his age of 19 at his matric level he started loving Dj thinngs into details. He meet the other dj called Tech N9ine used tech him how to use cdjs. Dj Chappies SA used to play at the tarvens arround his village like Selaki tarven. After his matric he went to stay at town for his futher studies and that's where he started exploring the world of music and making friendship with other djs.

During that year of his age of 21 he meet the other guy called Kizzy BlackSoul (a hip-hpo singer) and make a friend him. He spent the whole year toring with him and even though they are still friends and bussiness partners.during that year he started playing at some clubs and lodges arround the town of polokwane.
Dj Chappies SA used to share the stage with people like Dr Malinga, Uhuru, Candi tsa Mandebele and Problem child.
Dj chappies SA still hoping to learn more from others and keep on moving his career music

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