Field Band Foundation (FBF)

Johannesburg, South Africa
In operation since 1997
Music Education (Community music centres)


Nicky du Plessis
Tel: +27112349040


12 Wessels Street
Rivonia, Johannesburg
South Africa

Online presence

The Field Band Foundation's main aim is to create opportunities for the development of life skills in the youth through the medium of music and dance. The FBF has a membership of 4127 young people from 286 schools in 109 townships across South Africa. All 17 projects of the Foundation have a minimum of 125 youths actively involved. Members from different areas across South Africa are given multiple opportunities to work together at performances, workshops and competitions. The FBF arranges exchange programmes and bursaries for their best performing members to go to Norway and the USA. These opportunities allow these young people the rare opportunity to learn new skills and broaden their perspectives.

The FBF Academy targets young people between the ages of 18 and 23 with leadership potential from the FBF's various bands. The academy aims to harness their musical and leadership skills while bridging the gaps in their literacy and numeracy. Students spend 18 weeks at the academy in Eshowe. During their school break, each student is required to assist one of the local field bands with music instruction, using the skills acquired at the academy. Using the vital role that arts play in social inclusion and development the Foundation has identified its role as follows: “To create opportunities for the development of life skills in the youth through the medium of music and dance.”

At the centre of the life skills programme is comprehensive HIV/Aids education. Parents who can afford it and are serious about a good education for their children will include in their recreational activities some sort of artistic activity. The discipline and focus that they learn provide essential life-skills, which will serve them well in any path they may take when they grow up.

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