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Flow1ne is a female music duo from Zambia comprising of Abi Mali and Seya. The two have been singing since childhood. Abi and Seya met at their home church in 2012 at Miracle Life Family Church.

Abi got her first singing experience when she was five years old at her grandfather’s church where she sang and moved to Malawi afterwards. While in that country, she did a brief stint in the secular music industry for about a year. She went on a three year sabbatical from her music and made a come back in 2012 at Abel Chungu Musuka's album launch. She featured on the album. In June 2013, she performed at Big Brother Africa as Pompi’s backup singer. It was through this event that she also sang with Seya FundaFunda.

Seya is an artist who enjoys reading, photography, film and making music. She began singing when she was 12 years old. She was a a member of youth choir at Grace Ministries Church for about a year. She took a two year break from while working in the media industry until she met Abel Chungu Musuka and Mag44. The musicians convinced her to do back ups Abel’s first studio album 'Worship Of The Love Revolutionary'. It was through that encounter that she met Pompi. She featured on Pompi’s 'Mizu' album and later became one of his official back-up singers.

She met Abi at Big Brother Africa – The Chase and they shared the stage together while doing backing vocals for Pompi. In 2014, they featured on the 'Broken English'.

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