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Born Richard Abiona, Fuse ODG grew up in London but returned to Ghana at a later stage. His musical journey began to gain momentum after a trip to Ghana in 2011. There, he met up with leading producer Killbeatz and Ghana’s no.1 female rapper Tiffany to create the international hit 'Azonto'. The song quickly became an anthem for the Ghanaian dance craze of the same name. It fuses commercial pop sounds with an African rhythm and distinctive percussion resulting in an infectious ‘afrobeats’ sound. This explains its dominance in the club scenes around the world including countries such as Nigeria, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Denmark, Italy, France and of course Ghana.

Hot on the heels of this massive hit, Fuse released his second single 'Antenna’ after launching an international dance competition referred to as #AntennaDance. The viral videos for 'Antenna' accumulated approximately 1,000,000 views on YouTube in less than two months.

Fuse ODG is the pioneer of a movement called TINA, which is an acronym for This Is New Africa. TINA is a concept which urges Africans in the Motherland and the diaspora to use their skills to rebuild their community and show the world the more beautiful side of Africa. His debut full-length album, entitled 'TINA' is due out in November 2014.

In his relatively short career, Fuse has already picked up a host of prestigious awards and nominations, including being the first UK-based artist to win a Ghana Music Award. He's also won at the MTV Africa Music Awards and African Muzik Magazine Awards in 2014, and scored nominations at the British MOBO Awards.

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