Henock Temesgen

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Henock Temesgen


Addis Ababa

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Henock Temesgen is a bass guitarist, passionate musician, co-founder and teacher at the African Jazz School in Addis Ababa and a leading figure in the Ethiopian Music scene. Born in Addis Ababa and relocated to the U.S. at the age of 19, Henock started his career as an engineer before joining the Berklee College of Music and becoming an established performer in New York City. After two decades in the U.S. and a flourishing music career working alongside the giants of Ethiopian music, Henock returned to Addis Ababa to pursue his music career in his home country.

Since his return, Henock has kept himself busy. Among his many projects, he collaborated with fellow musicians to start the African Jazz School with the dreams of becoming 'a focal point for musicians in East Africa.' Henock currently plays in three different bands in Addis Ababa and has regular shows around town. He also hosts a weekly radio show about jazz on Sheger 102.1.

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