Hope Masike

Harare, Zimbabwe
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Hope Masike
Tel: +263779626881



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Hope Masike is a talented young singer-songwriter and mbira player whose music delivers a positive message and uplifting beats. She is also known for her role in popularising modern mbira music. She has done this in many ways but her most recent venture is her 'Mbiracentric concerts'. Hope's use of traditional acoustic instruments, including the marimba and yunganyunga mbira, draws upon the musical legacy of pioneering Zimbabwe female musicians such as Chiwoniso Maraire. Her fresh sound and beautiful voice, however, are uniquely her own.

Combining catchy mbira-based rhythms with irresistible drum patterns and interlocking melodies of the marimba and recorder, Hope’s band is one of the most exciting new voices in Zimbabwean music today. They have toured internationally with the collaborative musical project Umoja, which saw her combine her mbira sound with diverse styles such as hip-hop, jazz and sungura. Although Hope is an exceptional player of ancient traditional mbira classics such as Dande, the songstress also dresses the mbira in new cloaks. Her music is a blend of different music styles including jazz, blues, samba and reggae. In 2012 she won a National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) for Outstanding Female Musician. In mid-2014 she embarked on a European tour, including gigs in Norway, Iceland, Austria, Germany and France.

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