Jacaranda School

Che Mboma Village, Malawi
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Jacaranda School


Che Mboma Village

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Jacaranda School for Orphans is an academic institution in Limbe, Malawi. It is located in Che Mboma village south of the country. It was founded through by Marie Da Silva through the Jacaranda Foundation Marie is a nanny working in Los Angeles, CA. Her mission is to provide free quality primary and secondary education to orphans in Malawi. She is a 2008 CNN Hero.

The school regards music as an important element within its curriculum. In 2010, the school introduced a band through the help of German volunteers. They used donated instruments to put together a school band. Since then, they started composing songs. In October that year, they were invited at the Lake of Stars Festival. The event is one of the biggest music festival in the country. Apart from the school band, the school has a choir where children perform many African traditional dances. The learning center also teaches music as a subject both at primary and secondary level.

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