Justin Makweche

Kempton Park, South Africa
In operation since 2010
Artists (Composers, arrangers & songwriters)


Justin Makweche
Cell: +27739442014


Kempton Park
South Africa

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Justin Makweche is a Zimbabwean renowned composer, music arranger,producer and artist based in kempton Park, South Africa. He has worked with seasoned artists like Noel Zembe , Pastor Haisa , Caroline Chivengwa , Pastor G and many more. He started off as a keyboard player for different groups. He eventually teamed up with jazz artist Chris Gera, composer and singer Takudzwa Svotwa and Chris Pasi to form an all men acapella outfit called PureJoy.

Justin and Takudzwa moved to South Africa and rebranded Purejoy. They reformed the group by including music instruments. In 2010, the duo made fame following the release of their debut album called 'Ndimi Ishe'. The music project features songs such as 'Kugarisana', 'Africa', 'Komberedza', 'Khazimula' and many more. In 2011, they released a video taken out from one of the songs on the 'Ndimi Ishe' album.

In 2015, they began working on another project titled 'The Encounter With God' (released in 2016). The project features songs like 'Mana Njalo', 'Ndinoda Kufamba Nemi', 'Anokuda Jesu' among other songs.

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