Maestro De Vince

Johannesburg, South Africa
In operation since 2016
Artists (Composers, arrangers & songwriters)


Mpho Khitsane
Cell: +27837215579


29 Aandblom
Jan Hofmeyer, Johannesburg
South Africa

Online presence

Mpho Vincent Khitsane also known as Maestro De vince is a choral and film music composer from Johannesburg, South Africa. He produces house and hip-hop music. He is a part time student at Academy of Sound engineering. He plays piano and he is also a singer (tenor). He discovered his musical gift when he was three years old. He embarked on a musical journey when he was thirteen years old singing at school and in church choir. He grew up singing and conducting choral and classical music. After his classical music studies, he decided to go modern and compose "New Age" music to accommodate everyone.

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