Mafalala Festival

Maputo, Mozambique
In operation since 2008
Events (Festivals)


IVERCA Association
Tel: +258824180314
Cell: +258824151580


Rua de Goa
Mafalala, Maputo

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Mafalala Festival (or Festival da Mafalala) is a multi-disciplinary event held every year for a month in the historical Mafalala district in Maputo.
Hosted by the local NGO Iverca, the event showcases various cultural activities with a particular emphasis on live music, food, dance, crafts, film and photography. This festival aims above all to rescue the memory of this vibrant urban space, to make society aware of the importance of the preservation of cultural heritage and promote tourism in Mafalala as a way to generate income and create jobs for the community.

Besides concerts, the festival also features food fairs, craft workshops, film screenings, photo exhibitions, walking tours and seminars on on the history and evolution of the area, as well as discussions of the role of key personalities in the history of Mafalala, which aims to document and contribute to the production of written history of the neighborhood. The annual festival draws an audience of over 10 000 every year. In November 2014 the 7th edition of the festival was held.

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