Metalloid Lab Productions

Cape Town, South Africa
In operation since 2013
Artist Service Providers (Audio Engineers)


Gary Arsenic
Cell: +27825334909


Ottery and Kenilworth, Cape Town
South Africa

Online presence


Metalloid Lab Productions (Pty) Ltd is a company that provides an array of sound and music related services, including demo, album and mixtape recordings. it also does post production (mixing and mastering), music production, beats and backtracks; voice-over recordings.

For the past six years producer and sound engineer, Gary Erfort (Arsenic), has grown his home-studio, The Metalloid Lab, into a hub for upcoming artists, predominantly within the hip-hop industry. He has also worked with hip-hop heavyweights such as Ben Sharpa, Ill Skillz, Writers Block, Driemanskaap, Jitvinger and Youngsta to name a few. This initial groundwork is what has provided the driving force behind Arsenic collaborating with Ruth Molteno (Ruthy Pearl) to create Metalloid Lab Productions. Ruth is a DJ , sound designer and musician. As artists currently working in the industry, Ruthy and Arsenic have an intimate understanding of their clients' needs and concerns, as well as industry demands, rendering them uniquely capable.

While able to produce high quality industry-standard productions across various genres of music, Arsenic and Ruthy Pearl both have a deep-seated passion for hip-hop. They have passionately invested in being an integral part of helping the Cape Town hip-hop industry to grow. In this regard, their mission is to provide affordable services to upcoming artists, helping them to lay solid foundations for their careers and equipping them with a high quality product, ready for the airwaves.

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