Moses Beyeeman

Accra, Ghana
In operation since 2008
Managers (Artist managers)


Moses Beyeeman
Tel: +233 244 833734
Cell: +233 244 833734


21 Bonsu Road
Kokomlemle, Accra

Online presence

I am an ''80/20 person'' and my objective is to have a simpler but vastly more productive life that is easier,
with plenty of time and no stress. Have considerable freedom and confidence in life turning out well.
This is about focusing my life on the vital most important payoffs and leaving out the trivial many.

At the very least, as an artist manager, i do everything the artist cannot or will not do in terms of planning, organization and negotiation. I need to know what's happening to an artist from the songwriting and rehearsal stage right through to the point at which the money goes into the artist's bank and the record shoots up the charts.This includes dealing with lawyers, record companies and PR people; coordinating tour dates with studio time and holidays and pushing for better record company deals.

As a Manager, i have to find and negotiate the right record and publishing contracts and in collaboration with the artists, must find the right record producer. When a record is to be released, i must liaise with and in some cases, employ the plugger. I decide upon the works with the concert promoter, hires a publicist and buys advertising.

I am a guide and mentor where the artist is concerned and a great handler of money where just about everyone is concerned. In the day-to-day running of a band, my role can involve anything from talking with record company A&R people about record deals to launching with publishers and meeting with concert promoters and booking agents.

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