Munit Mesfin

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Munit Mesfin
Cell: +251911602795


Addis Ababa

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Munit is a singer and songerwriter passionate about promoting Ethiopia's arts and culture. Her style is jazzy and soulful she sings both in English and Amharic, and her sets are often filled with Ethiopian classics and originals that she improvises on from song to song and set to set. Besides singing, she also dabbles in visual arts, dance and theater! Together with German guitarist Jorge Pfeil, Munit has released two have two albums, 'Just the Two of Us', Live at the Coffee House. They occasional perform acoustic duets together and are planning more tours in Europe and Africa as they work on a new album for 2016.

She is also a music irector for Yegna, an innovative radio drama that addresses girls issues through storytelling, music and a talk show. The five young women have gained great popularity and the music is loved across the board. She has also worked on Balageru Idol, a singing competition on Ethiopian National Television, where she gave professional and performance advice to singing contestants in the search for the next new talent for the Ethiopian music world.

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