Musée de l'Homme Collection of Congo Music

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Washington DC
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Housed at the Library of Congress, the Musée de l'Homme Collection of Congo Music is a collection of recorded music archive with twenty-seven 10-inch commercial discs and five 12-inch commercial discs of vocal and instrumental Congo music. The music was acquired on an exchange basis from the Musée de l'Homme in Paris, France. (4 hours and 5 minutes) (AFS 10,163-10,194).

Below are some of the items that feature in the collection:

A one 7-inch tape, a one 7-inch tape, on tape box featuring two Talk on 23 figures by old man in Kumasi, Gold Coast, one 5-inch tape with ‘Watutsi Wedding of Mbira’ song, sounds of African drums, one 7-inch-tape with ‘Africa’ song from Mrs. Sweeney, a one 5-inch tape with ‘Coronation Anniversary’ song that was recorded by Mrs. Sweeney on 11 March 1955.

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