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Based in Cambridge, in the U.K., The Muze Trust is a charity organization which believes in the importance of music, provision of adequate sanitation, medication (particularly anti-malarial and treatment for HIV) and sustainable food sources being carried out by charities in Zambia.

The organisation aims to complement the vital works of other charitable organisations in adding to the basic provision of educational infrastructure and supporting the music making in both urban and rural communities.

Zambia is a country with its own rich musical tradition but little provision for music education in standard school curricula, and without a system of basic music notation, music leaders are unable to preserve and pass down songs they have written for their communities. As such, the organisation is committed to supporting and encouraging Zambia’s cultural heritage whilst working to improve access to learning and performing music.

Part of this work is achieved through supporting the Ngoma Dolce Academy, the first full-time music school in the Zambian capital Lusaka. Another growing part of their work is supporting music leaders in the rural village of Mukuni in the South of Zambia. It is our hope is to continue to expand projects beyond the city into towns and villages where opportunities are sadly lacking.

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