National School of the Arts (NSA)

Johannesburg, South Africa
Music Education (Primary & secondary schools)


NSA Office
Tel: +27113396539


17 Hoofd St
Braamfontein, Johannesburg
South Africa

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The NSA's Music Department is housed in two very distinct and beautiful complexes of specialised classrooms, practice rooms and performance spaces. Both streams of either classical or contemporary offer an in depth study of your instrument and music studies while also fulfilling all the matric academic requirements enabling you to study further in the music field or another.

Focus is placed on professional tuition in either individual or group classes. Students are required to learn two instruments, History of Music, Theory, Arranging and Composition, Improvisation, Aural and Performance. Solo performance, chamber music, vocal ensembles and an orchestra await those itching to get into the classical world, offering a valuable training ground for learners. And with at least three live performances per year, solo performance and band performance are around the corner for those in the contemporary stream who can hardly wait to perform their favourite songs to their friends and the public. Learners may specialize in any of the orchestral instruments, piano, recorder or vocals for the classical stream and either vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, or drums in the contemporary stream.

The NSA is one of the best options for students looking to find a combination of academics and music – a place where you receive a minimum of nine hours a week on your specialised subject while also fulfilling your matric requirements.

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