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Oda Paccy Uzamberumwana is one of the most talented rappers to emerge out of Rwanda. She was born on 6 March 1990 in Gasabo, Kigali. She is a firstborn in a family of two children. She attended Ecole Primaire de Gatsata, Ecole Secondaire de Buringa and APEM Ruli, EAV Bigogwe. She draws her music aspirations from day today life experiences. She is a music writer and songwriter whose music is sung in Kinyarwanda and English languages.

Her career in music started off as a rapper in 2009. Her music style is a fusion of local music, hip-hop, pop and reggae. In 2013, she released her debut album entitled ‘Miss President’. The music project did well on local chats. Some of her songs include ‘Icyabuze’ featuring Rider Man and Mani Martin, ‘Amaganya, ‘Ndi Uwawe’, ‘Biteye Ubwoba’, ‘Game of Love’, ‘Gangster Love’ featuring Knowless and Jay Polly, ‘Mbese Nzapfa’ featuring Kayishunge and Umunsi Umwe. Most of her songs are produced by Lick Lick. In 2015, she released a single called ‘Mbwira’.

Her songs have yielded popular catchphrases and such tracks include ‘Touch My Body’ featuring Urban Boyz, ‘Umusirimu’, ‘Miss President’ and ‘Bansekaand Rendez-vous’.

Besides music, she is working with Indangamirwa on many public activities.

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