Sam Jensen

Cape Town, South Africa
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Sam Jensen


Cape Town
South Africa

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Sam Jensen is a home–grown South African Cape Town born electronic music producer, DJ and self-proclaimed dance music ambassador with a rich history in the music scene. His interest in music started at early stage. He has worked solidly over the years to put together a solid body work that culminated in the release of his album 'Oceans and Skies'. He is one of the countries upcoming young musicians and DJs that continue to provide entertainment, whilst producing current electronic compositions. A qualified sound engineer, he lives and breathes his craft whilst living and working in Johannesburg. He also has a single called 'Lakeside Zoneout'. He teamed up with SA idols winner David van Vuuren who lent his voice on the song - a mystical yet upbeat song that has brought new attention to this young producer.

He draws his musical influences from Tiësto, Avicii, Armin van Buuren and David Guetta.
His song 'Maxed My Credit Card' won the love of countless listeners for its comical message and unique drop.

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