Shikamoo Jazz Band

Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
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Shikamoo Jazz Band
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Although Shikamoo Jazz was formed in 1993, its members were all veterans of popular Tanzanian dance bands of the '60s and '70s such as Western Jazz, Kiko Kids, Dar Jazz, and Les Wanyika, augmented by the Kenyan star Fundi Konde, whose career began in the 1940s. Reviving the golden oldies of a bygone but fondly recalled era, Shikamoo soon won fans all over East Africa.

Shikamoo Jazz members:

Iddi Nhende manager/vocals/percussion, Salum Zahoro Guitars, vocals, John Simon Vocals/percussion, Juma Mrisho Vocals, Athumani Manicho Drums, Kassim Mponda Guitars, Ali Adinani Guitars, Mohammed Tungwa Bass and guitars, Madar Msellem Trumpet, Bakari Majengo Sax/conga, Ally Rashid Sax/conga

During 1994-95 Shikamoo consolidated their reputation beyond Dar with regular tours around the country: performing at the first Zanzibar Arts and Music Festival; taking up lengthy residencies at the Luna Hotel in Morogoro.

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