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Harare, Zimbabwe
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Somandla Ndebele was born was born in Kwekwe. He is the second most recorded Zimbabwean artist with over 20 albums. He became popular in 1999 with the album 'Mwoyo Wekurera' which had the song 'Masimba aMwari' which featured the late sungura icon Tongai Moyo. His passion for music began in high school which he attended at Sidakeni High School in Zhombe. He became part of a school choir and also joined a group that won the first prize in the provincial choral competitions. He later relocated to Harare, where he began making own compositions.

In 1986, he met well-known and the late sungura musian John Chibadura. Chibadura inspired him to become a full time musician. In 1998, Chibadura gave him a guitar that he used to record his single 'Mandiomesera', a song that he recorded while in high school. In the same year, he recorded a joint album with Tongai Moyo called 'Mwoyo Wekurera'. The album was well-received and it earned him enough enough sales to buy a car and musical instruments.

He went on to release more albums such as 'Zvamauya Zvanaka', 'Makobvu Nematete', Vanondivenga Hawachapera’, ‘Ziva Zvaunoda’ (1996), ‘Kusaziva Kufa’ (1997), ‘Tendai’ (1998), ‘Tsanangudzo’ (2002), ‘Chitenderano’ (2008), ‘Zvemeberi Makasa’ (2013) and many more.

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