South African Audience Research Foundation (SAARF)

Johannesburg, South Africa
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SAARF Office
Tel: +27114635340


54 Queens Rd
South Africa

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SAARF is the name by which the South African Audience Research Foundation is familiarly known, following a name change in July 2012 from the South African Advertising Research Foundation, to correctly reflect what the company does: audience research.

SAARF's main objective is to direct and publish media audience and product/brand research for the benefit of its stake-holders, thereby providing data for target marketing and a common currency for the buying and selling of media space and time. SAARF has thus the responsibility to measure the audiences of all traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, cinema and out-of-home media. This is done by ensuring that the necessary joint industry research surveys are conducted every year to provide updated audience information for all traditional media (AMPS, RAMS, TAMS and OHMS).

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