Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)

Kampala, Uganda
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Uganda Communications Commission
Tel: +256312339000


Plot 42-44, Spring Road,
Bugolobi, Kampala

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The UCC was established to implement the provisions of The Communications Act Cap 106 Laws of Uganda with a principal goal of developing a modern communications sub-sector and Infrastructure in Uganda, in conformity with the operationalization of the Telecommunications Policy.

The broad objectives of the Policy include the following:
i. To facilitate private sector participation in the communications sector as well as in the overall national development;
ii. To provide a Legal framework for the development of communication services in Uganda;
iii. To separate the roles of Policy formulation, regulation and operations; and
iv. To introduce competition through licensing of multiple operators.

The specific objectives of the Policy are to:
i. Put in place an independent regulator;
ii. Increase the tele-density from 0.28 lines per 100 people to 2.0 lines per 100 people by the year 2012;
iii. Improve communication facilities and quality of service, and add a variety of communication agencies;
iv. Respond to the demand of customers; and
v. Increase the geographical distribution and coverage of the services throughout the country.

The Commission is mandated to undertake a range of functions in the following areas:
i. Licensing and standards;
ii. Spectrum management;
iii. Tariff regulation;
iv. Research and development;
v. Consumer empowerment;
vi. Policy advice & implementation;
vii. Rural communications development; and
viii. Capacity building.

UCC is thus not only the regulator, but also a facilitator and promoter of coordinated and sustainable growth and development of Uganda’s communications sector.

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