Virtual Museum of Arts and Traditions (Gabon)

Libreville, Gabon
In operation since 2006
Archives (Instrument archives)


Virtual Museum of Arts and Traditions



Launched in November 2006, Virtual Museum of Arts and Traditions of Gabon is an institute that allows visitors to experience Gabon culture and wealth. The virtual space allows visitors to walk through the museum halls at their own pace and discovering Gabonese rites, traditions and the unique heritage. Gabon is reportedly the first country to create the Internet's Virtual Museum. The museum offers a 3D interactive world, ethnographic videos and more than 250 artistic and cultural works such as sculptures, masks, Gabonese arts and handicrafts, music instruments and information on ancestral worship beliefs.

The museum is open to members of the public from Monday to Friday at 08h30am until 15h30pm.

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