Zimbabwe College of Music

Harare, Zimbabwe
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Zimbabwe College Music
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Established in 1948 by veteran musician and teacher Professor Eileen Reynolds, the Zimbabwe College of Music is a trust that offers music education from National Certificate in Music to the Bachelor of Music Degree. It is reportedly the only college in the country whose courses focuses on music lessons (Ethnomusicology).

Its objective is to provide instrumental / vocal training and supporting programs in theory to people who aim to be musicians. The institution’s curriculum offers lessons on Zimbabwean traditional music such as mbira and marimba. It has produced musicians who have made it well in the country’s music industry namely James Chimombe, Dumisani Maraire and Dumi Ngulube.

The institution offers internationally recognized degrees in collaboration with Africa University and University of Zimbabwe, the college offers. Its programmes cater for primary school, O and A’ levels as well as diploma levels.

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