zimdancehall endorsement project

cape town, South Africa
In operation since 2013
Organizations, Networks & Associations (Events)


Ashton Murungweni
Tel: 0621768856
Cell: 0810797618


cape town
South Africa

Zimdancehall Endorsement Project (Z.E.P.) is a movement by the fans for the fans in Cape Town, South Africa. Their aim is to bring Zimdancehall artists to the heart or core of their fans. The idea was introduced after noticing the dismal failure of Zimdancehall events organised in Cape Town hence they came up with the idea of hosting family shows during the day.

In the long run they wish to involve local South African artists and Africa at large. They strongly believe in the power of music to unite ,heal and forge acceptance of people from a different cultural backgrounds .They embrace diversity and dialogue through music.

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